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I'm moving with the shift in the Internet traffic during the last year... so now I'm hosting responses to the Tuesday Column on Facebook... here...

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I stumbled on the history of the Pilgrim of Holiness church and read it with much interest and learned a great deal. One of the most interesting sections for me was the "split" of the S. California group from the Church of the Nazarene. I remember as a kid growing up in the COTN some talk of that "split" and only realize after reading that that my dad and his sister were victims of the split. My aunt lived in CA at that time and went with the Pilgrim of Holiness bunch and my dad,living in CO, stayed with the Nazarenes. I also was very interested in the fact that the POH was started by a Quaker. I am presently a member of an Evangelical Friends Church, one that has kinda strayed from some of the original prohibitions against baptism and communion in that we practice both. It is also exciting to learn that the COTN and the Wesleyan's are actually talking about a merger. It would be a stretch for both but I can see some very positive things if it should occur!