Making Dreams come true

I've gone through three stages in seeing dreams come true... How about you?

So what do you think?

keith drury


PDW said...

In my mind and experience there is a fourth, when you consider Mark 4, and Jesus' explanation of parables in general.

That is the "product" "harvest" "result" "fruit" "God's purpose" of our dreams, visions, mind-pictures.

D Young said...

I agree with your statement, "If you don't schedule it, it seldom happens." Somewhere along the line I decided goal setting was worldly and that it encouraged me to cultivate my agenda and not be directed by His. As a result of few goals, I have harvested a habit of low productivity.
Now, as years have passed, I wonder if I still distrust the process of goal implementation and structured living, or if I'm just disheartened by the hard work it will takes to change my behavior.

shilohpj said...

been a while since i checked out drurywriting.com. glad I thought to check back in. i have many goals that I think about everyday. goals i dreamed when I walked the perfectly manicured side walks of IWU some 10 years ago. thanks for putting some things into perspective for me and reminding how important planning really is. I remember your colored card story from class.

thanks for the insight:

james moore

Vociferous said...

Thank you for the reminder

JMKendall said...


It was great to read over this and be reminded of your experience with goal-setting. With the numerous adjustments and transitions I've made over the past 12 months, regrettably many of my goals have taken a back seat to immediate tasks and trying to keep up with all the reading! Thanks for the reminder and the 'boost'. I think I'm going to get out all the work we did together and update my life-map/goals.

One of the things I've found most difficult in moving to a new place with all new people, is finding the accountability so pivotal in 'scheduling' the 'hard work' of accomplishing my goals. This is another reminder of the need for community in all aspects of our lives as we sharpen one another toward Christ-likeness.

Thanks again Coach. I hope all is well and that your semester is starting off well.

God bless!

Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

Thank you.