(future history) HOLINESS ANONYMOUS

I found this intersting item searching Goggle 2060...


So, what do you think?

keith drury


Robin said...

That's hilarious. Must Google it now...

Anonymous said...

I love this...I would be willing to start a Chapter in Florida. Victory over sin would be a radical and revolutionary idea in The United Methodist Church.

daniel Jones said...

Sounds to me like your crystal ball is on target. I still believe and embrace the progression of Romans 6,7 & 8. I do not confess to obtaining it, but I'm on the journey. :)

Tim Smith said...

We used to call that site "Wednesday night prayer meeting" but I think everybody knew each other's last names.
January 18 at 5:38pm ·

Anonymous said...

Isaiah 8:13, None but the Lord of Hosts shall you account Holy; Give reverence to Him alone, Hold Him alone in awe. (Jewish Study Bible)

The confessions I see in Scripture are:

- confess transgressions;
- confess iniquity
- confess thy name
- confess my sin
- confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord
- confess Him before men
- confess faults to one another
- confess Jesus Christ is the son of God