What would you do if someone gave you $20 million for your church’s Christmas pageant? [MORE]


Ryan Schmitz said...

Here is what I think Christians think about "Christian" movies.

A. The movie is too much like the actual event, therefore I know how it is going to turn out, so I'll wait until I have to see it in Sunday School.

B. The movie is too controversial, and therefore I will protest it and inadvertently play a part in increasing its marketing. (and probably wait until its on video to actually see it).

C. Movies? Why would anyone who believes in holiness, go to the Movies?

All joking aside, I actually don't go very often to the movies, but it is more of a financial choice than anything. I'm glad that they are making movies directed at believers or people interested in faith, but to be honest I think I would be drawn to some twist on usual expectations; I'd really like to see a Bud Bence produced Nativity story.

Keith.Drury said...

RYAN: "A Bud bence produces nativity Story"
ME: ROYFLMHO... classic!

Anonymous said...

You accurately described my impressions as I watched the movie. Not a blockbuster by any means, but also not a movie anyone needs to avoid. A Christmas card movie is exactly what I was thinking as the movie was ending. I recommend it to anyone who wants to support the making of more of these movies.

David Drury said...

I too would like to see the "Bud Bence" nativity movie.

It could be called, "The Katalouma Conspiracy: A Bencian Nativity and the Innkeeper Myth."

(Sorry for the inside joke to all those who have not had the traditional Nativity debunked by Bud Bence.)

john mark said...

I saw the movie for the second time a few days ago. I liked it much better the second time, I think I was influenced too much by all the ho-hum or even negative reviews I had read before the first viewing. I know it is not The Passion of the Christ, but it is better than many reviewers have rated it. (I suspect some of the views were fueled by anti-Christian condescension). It didn't even seem overly sentimental on a second viewing, and for whatever reason even the "Hallmark moments" seemed ok to me. (We ARE talking Hollywood here).
So I too hope that the film makes money, and I will help the producers by buying the DVD when it becomes available.

Keith.Drury said...


“I thought it was incredibly disheartening for a variety of different reasons. Not the least of which is you hear this common lament from moviegoers that America feels like Hollywood has lost touch with what they want to see. People feel like there is too much violence in movies and too much disrespect towards the family.

“Now finally a Hollywood studio has stepped up and put their money where their mouth is and has committed to making and releasing a movie, not on a couple of screens but rather on a very big very large fashion – more than three-thousand screens around the country -- and giving the audience what they say they want and yet that sense of urgency in that audience isn’t there to go and see it.

“What is disappointing is you hear people talk about how we can make movies better but if you don’t go see them when they are presented to you, Hollywood’s never going to do it again. And that’s what is frustrating to me because I changed careers to make movies that would inspire people and if there’s not a business for it, and I can’t find a studio to make the movies that I want to make, then that’s disappointing.”