What would you name your denomination?

What would you name your Denomination?
Organizations and denominations have recently been in the mood for changing their name. A bunch of colleges have renamed themselves “university” though they still function mostly as colleges.
The Southern Baptists are debating dropping the word “Southern” since so many of their churches aren’t in the south. (I wonder if they’ll keep “Baptist.”)
The International Bible society traded that name for “Biblica.” Is that clearer?
Of course the Oriental Missionary Society can’t say “Oriental” any more so they are now “One Mission Society.”
The YMCA has moved beyond being just for Young Men and maybe also drifted away from being Christian and an Association, so they are now just the Y.
 The most recent name change is by Campus Crusade for Christ. Their ministry is no longer just on Campuses, the word Crusade is repugnant to Islam, and “for Christ” is a bit too hard-sell for many who now prefer a softer approach—so their new name is simply “Cru.” Most denominations and organizations go through a series of name changes through their lifetimes. This latest spate comes mostly from “Branding studies” where you hire expensive consultants to help you “re-brand” your product.
 So, what would you rename your denomination if you had that power? Why do denominations (or local churches) need to sometimes change their names? And, while we’re at it what would you rename your local church if you could name it anything?
 That’s what I’ll be thinking about this week.
So, what do you think?
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Keith Drury
November 15, 2011

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