I'm not from around here (Indiana) myself

I'm not from around here myself--Living in Indiana.

So, what do you think?


Steve Johnson said...

Pretty much dead on. Imagine the shock I had as a Hoosier moving from Indiana to New York State! I never knew people had to live with so many regulations. Getting my car inspected every year? Are you kidding me?!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I was just making a list in my head yesterday, trying to decide if I should post it and my hubby sends me your article. Moved to IN six months ago, and am totally....frustrated!!! So, I keep telling myself, this is like a missionary moving to a foreign land...be patient...but land sakes, Jesus is coming, can't we get excited about getting ready to meet him? Can we communicate the gospel to a new generation when we are stuck in the 60's - not willing to change a thing in the church? Would it to make one iota of difference in heaven if the Colts won? I'd better stop....

Now I understand why my allergies are so bad!! Thanks.

Got to get out of here...soon.