PHC#11 Merger with Wesleyan Methodists (1966-1968)

And now the final installment of the Pilgrim Holiness History... Merger with the Wesleyan Methodists--1966-1968.

Time to think about past mergers (and future mergers?)

So, what do YOU think?
keith drury


Anonymous said...

Some of us remember the "street fighting" that took place when attempting to merge and/or close schools of higher education in the merger between the Pilgrims and the Wesleyan Methodists. I don't even want to think about such mergers between the Nazarenes and the Wesleyans!

Anonymous said...

My church body, the AFLC (Association of Free Lutheran Congregations) was formed by 42 congregations that refused to be merged when the Lutheran Free Church (LFC) merged into the American Lutheran Church (ALC) in 1962. The leaders of the old LFC thought they would have more influence in the larger body, but ended up lost in the soup.

The loss of foundational values in the LFC began with a shift in their college that began to value association and academic approval from liberal East Coast and European seminaries. This resulted in a disconnect between denominational leaders and the laity who ended up being dragged into the merger. Yet a core group of visionaries saw the value of core distinctives that they were about to lose. They took action and began a new church based on the old values.

The AFLC is now at a transitional point as the current leadership, who as college students watched their parents pull out of the LFC/ALC merger and begin a new denomination, now approach retirement. That means that a new generation of leaders will soon step into the higher offices bringing for the first time leaders who did not witness or take part in the founding of our association.

Keith Drury said...

thanks for the AFLC description!

BC said...

I have been very interested in your historical perspective on merger and the Pilgrim Holiness Church.
From my conversations with many former Pilgrims, they felt that much was lost in the merger. Overall denominational growth entered a lengthy period of decline (number of churches, pastors, membership, etc.). Every one of their denominational schools were eventually closed. And most, if not all, of the standards of holy living were ultimately eradicated from the Church.
Frankly, if those of a previous generation could look down the years...I believe that their choices would be drastically different.
You also referenced Dr. Roy Nicholson and his stand against the conservatives of that day (Of course, he himself would be viewed as a radical by the Wesleyan Church leadership today). To be intellectually honest, one would have to include the fact that he underwent a drastic change of heart in later years. He stated that he had "missed God" in the direction that he and others set for the Church.
Surviving Nicholson family members now attend a church affiliated with the Conservative Holiness Movement. Indeed an interesting footnote to history...

Anonymous said...

For a theological group that prides itself in not being like the world, it looks more and more like the world every day.

It will be interesting to see 10 years down the road what does or doesn't become of the Wesleyans.

Afterall, they do say, those you use as steps on your way up, you pass on your way back down!

Cedric Snowbarger said...

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