From Great to Good

From Great to Good. Sermon notes... From the first Wesley Seminary Convocation @ Indiana Wesleyan University

So, what do you think?


vanilla said...

"Goodness can only be gotten from the Holy Spirit."

The crux of the matter. If only the new seminarians, and the rest of us, would seek after goodness rather than greatness.

Cora White said...


That might just be one of the best sermons i have "heard" in years.
Thank you for that insight and reminder of the power of a life transformed by the Spirit.

Dean said...

This is a great sermon full of great insights. Good stuff!

I couldn't resist but I do mean it.

Mark Schnell said...

Thanks for the great sermon, Keith. You have lived this as well as taught it!!

Dave Ward said...

Beautiful sermon. Well done, timely, and worth reading again and again. Great sermon, coach! Upside down kingdom preaching on display. :) Everyone can be good, deep down to the core moral goodness. I believe it, deeply. God can give it, enable it, even transform us to make it happen. Wish I could have been there to hear you in person.