PHC #2: The First 8 years --1898-1905

The first eight years after founding the Pilgrim Holinesss Church.

So, what do you think?

keith drury


sumpteretc said...

Have you considered adding these articles to the very brief Wikipedia entry on the Pilgrim Holiness Church?

kerry said...

Maybe you should be teaching Wesleyan Church History and Discipline. Interested? ;) ;)

Dave Ward said...

I love the history of the Pilgrim Holiness crowd. When I looked back through what was actually happening around the early 1900's in their work a few years back it was really impressive. The historical pictures show not only powerful preaching, evangelistic fervor, etc. but many of the same signs of concern for what we call social justice now.

There was a picture of an orphanage started that housed many orphans, food bank and soup kitchen pictures, and one particular picture struck me as important- a racially integrated meeting. Early 1900's.

That confirmed to me that the roots of the Pentecostal racial reconciliation happening a few years later at Azusa street was really influenced in great part by holiness folks. If I remember correctly, William Seymour was directly influenced by the teaching on sanctification of Knapps. He later went on to say that the defining mark of the "baptism of the Holy Spirit" contrary to other leaders in the early Pentecostal movement was "racial reconciliation" rather than speaking in tongues. The latter was too easily faked, the former, if you pursued it in that time period couldn't be faked. I do wonder if that would be a pretty good marker of sanctification, a heart filled with love toward God and others, even now.

Great stuff in this post! I didn't know about the six corps formed by Rees or several other key pieces of his story. I always knew the napoleon sized writer's story better. ;)

THANKS AS ALWAYS! A very fun read.