PHC #4-Mergers and acquisitions 1919-1929

Pilgroms holiness Church--mergers and acqisitions

So, what do YOU think?


vanilla said...

Excellent, excellent series. Do we have to take the test, or can we audit the course? Good questions, and I will think about them.

David James said...


I think 'back then' evangelism wasn't viewed as competition as much as it is now. Why? Somehow, to me, that's the key issue. Perhaps revival happens when the greater good for the Faith is the main focus, rather than success of individual churches within varying denominations.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of an "open church" locally too--purposely being inviting to people from other denominations who want to transfer into the church--an "open source" approach to membership.

So, I will be the first to suggest this: Might the Church of the Nazarene be "open" enough to absorb The Wesleyan Church into it in the next decade? If so it might give Nazarenes some new leadership blood and it could give Wesleyans some better universities.

However, after your article next week on Seth Cook Rees there may be no more hope for merger--digging up that corpse could open up old wounds on both sides.

Keith Drury said...

anon: "Better" universities? Well, at least "as good as" Universities... and more ;-)

I will be fair and tell "both sides" of the rees controversy next week.

Ken and Marilyn Blake said...

Great reading how God works according to His plans and not the plans of man. One note on footnote #6 I believe Western Pilgrim College was the name for the school in Elmonte and Central Pilgrim College from the beginning in Bartlesville.

Keith Drury said...

VANILLA: Thanks! I don't teach this subject..it is just (a recent) hobby... the questions are intended to raise discussion issues for the site (though they have largely failed in that respect ;-)

DAVID JAMES... How I wish that were true... but the competition was fierce for people--especially for those "coming out" of Methodism and for the independant churches..especially between the Nazarenes and Piklgrims. ;-)

KEN, Good catch... I fixed it now I believe. THANKS!

Anonymous said...


Can you address, if you know, the relationship of the Jessop family to the holiness tradition?