10 New Year's Email Resolutions

Here are 10 email resolutions we all out to make..what would you add?

Keith Drury's Tuesday Column


The AJ Thomas said...

In my experiance the best use for bcc is when you are sending something to several people who have not given you permission to distribute their email address. That way they get the email but not the adress of everyone else you sent it to. I do this with some newsletters and such.

Chris said...

I always use bcc for my newsletters, out of concern for the privacy of my recipients. I understand your point, however, when you are doing more day-to-day business within an organization.

Spicer said...

I also wrote a post on email resolutions in 2009. After I wrote it, I searched for others and found your post which I think is quite good. I linked to it at the end of my entry. See http://www.extension.iastate.edu/mt/civility/

Lynette Spicer
Iowa State University Extension
Communications specialist, project leader

Schuyler Avenue Wesleyan said...

I also resolve to not answer other's e-mail with just one word such as


I do not need to get the last e-mail word.

Schuyler Avenue Wesleyan said...


"Okay" "Looks Good" "Well Done" "Catch Ya Later" and a personal favorite...

"You Rock"

Ken said...

keith and all;

i agree with your article. good resolutions.

bcc is helpful for protecting the privacy of those wishing to keep their email address undistributed.

thanks for the tips.

Ryan Budde said...

I resolve not to forward anything that says, "If you love your family or God, you will forward this to as many people as you can."

Schuyler...some of us do that to let people know we received their emails, not just to get the last word. I have had people not respond with anything because my email went to their junk mail. If I hadn't followed up, we would have had a problem. A "Thanks", or just a "Got it" is helpful.

Pete Vecchi said...

I agree with everything that Ryan said.

I think that e-mail resolution # 11 ought to be along the line os "I will not forward wny forwarded e-mails that have been forwarded unless they are extremely urgent, and then I will take off all of the previous names and e-mail addresses of those to whom it has been sent before I forward it to anyone else."


Pastor Al said...

Time is the new currency. I am surprized that we are not also discussing text messages! Are we there yet?

Ryan Schmitz said...

Coach, what are your thoughts on the obligatory "Out of the Office" automatically returned email? Are these messages really needed for email? I personally get frustrated by these emails since they really don't tell me anything important since most people are still checking their email while they are out anyway?

Also, set your email to open in HTML automatically, it is the 21st century folks.

Keith Drury said...

I useout-of-office when Im gone for more than a month..othewise I assume people don't need an answer if I'm only gone for a week.... personally I have a filter that deletes all o-o-o notifications automatically ;-)

Ryan Schmitz said...

Thanks for the hint, I will look to do that. It always gets my hopes up that I got a prompt response, what a let down.

David Drury said...

this was great... I think i'll print it off for my staff as an FYI :-)

I've started to out-mode the "BCC" thing as well... just not confident that people will not reply to all and "out" me.... or I BCC myself and when it comes I forward it to the person I would have BCC'd and then I FYI them.

Okay, enough acronymns for the day