what shall I do now that Blogging's going bust? [MORE]


Scott Hendricks said...

[I do love to be the first to comment . . . don't know why, guess it makes me feel like a faithful, like you'll notice better when I do.]

This year I've been more faithful in blogging (not weekly all the time, but at least monthly on average). I think most of what you're saying is right on track. If people who keep blogging will get more readers, that's GOOD NEWS FOR US WHO KEEP BLOGGING!!! . . . at least I hope so. I hope to keep blogging since it gives me an outlet to write things I wouldn't normally write semi-formally about. Plus, I LOVE the way it encourages thought sharing that might be impossible without it. My thoughts can not only be recorded, but read by several others who wouldn't read them if I were just journaling for myself.

Today in homiletics class we talked about preachers and blogging! Imagine that! (Although, I think podcasting is probably WAY MORE significant for preachers in the coming century than blogging.) It was suggested that preachers could post their core sermon thoughts a week before they preach it, so as to get the congregation thinking ahead of time.

Yeah, blogging IS HARD, but I hope to continue . . . I think?

Tim F said...

Ok Keith, I am one of those who have been reading your articles for over 10 years now. I have commented only once.

You hit a nerve more times than that but, writing takes me so much time that I look at it more like an english paper due and I have to proof read it over and over again before I can hand the thing in, so I skip the assignment.

I had a good friend, Dick, who is not with us any longer. He was always calling me up and asking me what I thought about this or that. Usually some deep spiritual subject or issue he was experiencing or observed. He would never tell me his thoughts first but just enough info that it would cause me to do a little thinking on my own. "Hey Tim, have you ever considered . . . before? Read these verses and let me know what you come up with considering the issues we have been going through."

That type of thing is directly responsible for my growing in the Lord. I think you are a lot like Dick for a lot of folk. You hit on various subject and when you hit on one dear to some, they respond.

You have heard that comment that when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that hollers is the one ya hit. Well, I am not trying to say we are dogs, but, when you throw something out, you will usually get some comments. On the other hand, there is a lot of us that got hit but we just don't holler real loud and it is really the Holy Spirit working on us and we have to respond to Him.

Keep up the good work and keep tossing things out there. I don't mind getting hit from time to time. If we didn't, we wouldn't keep coming within range!


Left Coast Drury said...

insatiable writing and visiting people in the hospital--how John Wesleyan of you.

Tim Hawk said...

I am in the category of people who follow a few blogs faithfully. I have them bookmarked and check them out almost daily. Your site is one of those. I read the comments of almost everyone. Thank you for your faithfulness to this column. You have no idea of the impact that you have made and the number of conversations that you have been part of by proxy! I hope that you will continue, and I will try to be more faithful to comment!

Alan & Aimee Williams said...

Please keep blogging. My husband and I weren't students of yours while we were at IWU, but we learn so much from reading your blog. We don't respond because we rarely have anything new to add to the discussion. But we do read and we learn.

randy.dewing said...

If you visit me in the hospital I'll be thrilled, but it will only kill 15 minutes of my time. On the other hand, if I can talk the hspital into giving me a network connection, then I can spend hours reading your past entries and responding to your posts.

I find more edification through your blog than I could squeeze out of personal conversations with you (given the number of poeple who place demands on your time--most of whom are paying for it).

...and if I make a half-dozen posts from the hospital, you might feel bad for me and visit me anyway...So, keep blogging--that's a win-win for me :)

...but I would LOVE to see the Tuesday Podcast!

tse horng said...

One regular reader from Singapore here. When you blog, 'the world is your parish' ;-). I have zoomed my reading of blogs to selective few. Some I visit weekly, others when I feel like it. Tuesday Column is one the weekly blog I visit.
Looking forward to more.

Craig Moore said...

I read and enjoy your blog, it always has something interesting to say. It has given me many sermons ideas. You are the only contact I have with the Wesleyan Church, that is you and sometimes Schenck. Tuesday Column is my favorite blog. I read it faithfully each week.


Ryan Schmitz said...

Do you think that blogging can be a little too politically correct, and therefore cause so much time to be taken up? I am not the most PC guy, but even I find myself being concerned about what I write sometimes, because you only get one chance to write down your first thought.

I think that since the initial wave has come and gone, maybe the next group of bloggers will be a little more committed to their blog.

Thanks for writing.

Lawrence W. Wilson said...

Blogging is like smoking. I could quit anytime. In fact, I quit twice last month.

Michael R. Cline said...

Interesting though from the guy above me. Most people would say the opposite, that blogging allows people to say things that they normally would normally keep private, sometimes to their detriment.

On a blog I just read, the debate of the merits of blogging was the topic. Was it Witherington's? McKnights? I can't remember. I read too many. Maybe I need to boil it down to a select few.

Pete Vecchi said...


I, for one, think that you do a great service by writing these Tuesday columns. I hope you will continue to write them. The time you spend writing may give you less time to spend visiting people in the hospitals, but your columns have often served to reinvigorate me, and that, in turn, can make me more effective when I visit people in the hospital.

If your writing has the same effect on just a few other people, then the time you spend writing these Tuesday Columns is well worth it!

Carl said...

I tried and gave up; it was too much work and didn't seem that interesting. I take this as a challenge to get involved in the communities of bloggers that I do read, instead of just lurking.

Dale Argot said...

I am one of those readers who has read your column for at least five years and yet I have commented rarely, if at all. Eighteen months ago I started blogging as a response to reading your book "With Unveiled Faces." The chapter on journaling challenged me to do that an so I have been doing that since.

The nice thing about it is that several of my friends from across the country can keep in touch and know what is going on in my corner of the world and I share things that I am passionate about.

Thanks for the encouragement I receive via your column.

JustinJNierer said...

I read about 4-5 blogs a week. Thats more than some, less than others. They (the blogs I read) are all either written by leaders I admire or on topics the influence my life, career and ministry.
Personally, my first blog (the wesleyanmanifesto) had to be taken down admist threats of credential removal since I wrote an artile entitled "what do Wesleyans do well?" and did not realize the influence of one or two other key blogs getting ahold of it.

I have relaunched though


allowing me to cause trouble across denominational lines.

Brandon & Jennifer said...


I've been blogging for about 3 and a half years now and I still look forward to it!

For me, it's a creative outlet that brings joy. It integrates writing, photography & art, connecting with friends & family, and provides an opportunity to influence/encourage others in a positive way.

On another note... thanks for posting your weekly thoughts. I'm one of the many that enjoy them. Thank you!


Thinking in Ohio said...

You inspired me to begin blogging, Keith when you explained quite awhile back that one of the primary motivations behind the Tuesday Column was the "DISCIPLINE" of writing.

I realized then that after so many years of school I had quit writing! I was still reading... but writing had taken a serious hit.

Now that I'm on staff in a larger church I find it more difficult to blog regularly... that and I don't have internet access in my home. But I'm trying to maintain the discipline.

Gary Collier said...


I'm guilty as charged! I read your columns pretty regularly (and catch up when I come back if I miss a week or three) but seldom post. I did send you an e/mail right after I found your column a couple of years ago (that went unanswered - talk about "posting" with no response - ha!)

God opened doors in this rural southwest Georgia town where I pastor a church, Leesburg, Ga. I've been writing a weekly column for the Lee County Ledger (circ. 3,500) since Jan. of this year and appreciate more than ever the discipline that it requires. I worried at first that I'd run out of ideas but so far, so good after 40+ columns... and I trust God will continue to give me ideas and inspiration as I continue.

Lately I've thought to start posting these weekly columns on a blog... and may do that, as I would probably post more often than the weekly columns if I did so.

Thanks for your inspiration!

Gary Collier, owner of 2 of your books as well :)

Soren said...


Please keep it up. I stumbled across your columns several years ago. You write some challenging stuff. You are a blessing.

G.R. ''Scott'' Cundiff said...

I faithfully read your Tuesday Column but don't often respond.

As someone else said, I write as a discipline and blog around 5 days a week. Since my writing is mostly for myself, I don't mind too much that few read and even fewer respond! I get more hits from people Googling than from regulars which probably says a lot about my writing ability!

Anyway, thanks for another interesting column.

Valorie said...

Mr. Drury,

I met you this past weekend at the Writer's Conference in Indianapolis. I'm glad you haven't joined the bloggers who are going inactive. God used you
to inspire me as a writer. Thanks for all you do.

The AJ Thomas said...

I suffer with some mild dyslexia. When I first saw the title of this post the last two words were swtiched in my brain. Glad I took a second look.

Keith Drury said...

I did not write this column to get props..but thanks anyway for them ;-) -- especially to the decades-long quiet types who commented for the first time.

Last week I went to James Watkins delightful seminar at a writer's conference on blogging and am still processing his insights. Great Job Jim!

I just posted this week's column so I'm still here..still working out what niche I'll fill but I'm here writing each Tuesday during the school year... and probably will be for the ext decade, lord willing... but don't expect video... ;-)

Stevan said...

Coach -
You once (still?) referred to stevansheets.com as the first student-blog - an honor I will go to the grave with! :)
Even though you're not asking for props - thanks for being one of those 'cutting edge' guys that is willing to state your opinion publicly amidst our shifty-eye culture!
Still proud to call you 'coach'...